Business Development Manager?Auto parts industry?

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Kinondoni, Mikocheni Dar Es Salaam

Work content :

  1. Develop market development plans, as well as quarterly, monthly and weekly sales plans, and lead the team to complete sales targets;
  2. Combine customer feedback, organize market research and analysis, write market research reports and submit them to the company's management;
  3. Provide necessary support and training to the team to help the team complete the sales target;

Requirements for the position :
Education background:
?Bachelor degree or above in marketing, business management or related majors.
training experience:
?Trained in management skills development, marketing, contract law, basic knowledge of finance, etc.
Work experience:
More than 5 years of market management work experience, and more than 3 years of market manager work experience.
?Have a deep understanding of marketing work;
?Excellent business negotiation ability;
?Have a strong market perception ability, keenly grasp the market dynamics and market direction;
?Have strong team management ability and ability to withstand pressure;
?Proficient in operating office software;
?Work hard, proactive, good communication, coordination and organization skills;
?High work enthusiasm, good teamwork spirit;
?Strong observation and adaptability.

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Carmarge is from China, a major auto parts manufacturing country, and was born in an Internet company focusing on the auto parts industry. We are committed to providing the highest quality auto parts products and supply chain services to the world through the Internet, so that our customers can enjoy better product quality, more competitive prices, and more secure services.

We are an Internet multinational company headquartered in China. We already have distribution and local teams in Tanzania and Rwanda in East Africa. We are currently expanding in Zambia, Uganda and Kenya. If you are interested in our business, you can send your resume to us by email.

CARMARGE Tanzania Center
Email:[email protected]
Add:Mikocheni Regent Estate NO.23

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