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Ilala, Ilala Dar Es Salaam

We are looking for highly specialized candidates with excellent diagnostic skills for the position of hematologist.

Hematologists will need to communicate with patients and keep them informed at all times, requiring good interpersonal and communicative ability.

Hematologist Responsibilities:

·        Testing and diagnosing patients.

·        Performing bone marrow aspirations for the detection of blood disorders.

·        Conducting physical examinations and analyzing a patient's medical history.

·        Studying lab tests, CAT scans, and MRIs for a more accurate diagnosis.

·        Analyzing blood samples and identifying white or red blood cell abnormalities.

·        Treating diseases such as anemia, hemophilia, or leukemia.

·        Prescribing medications or dietary advice.

·        Administering chemotherapy for the treatment of lymphoma or leukemia.

·        Treating blood-clotting disorders.

·        Maintaining detailed records of patients' health.

·        Analyzing patient historical data and using data to make informed decisions.

·        Using physicians' notes and recommendations when patients are referred to them.

·        Consulting with other medical professionals in difficult cases.

Hematologist Requirements:

·        Medical degree.

·        Completion of an internal medicine residency.

·        Obtaining a hematology license.

·        Outstanding interpersonal skills.

·        Exceptional written and verbal communication.

·        Analytical mindset and good problem-solving ability.

·        Diligence and attention to detail.

·        Good organizational skills.

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