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Kinondoni, Kawe Dar Es Salaam

1.0 FEED TANZANIA Overview
Feed the Children is one of the world’s leading anti-hunger organizations officially established in Tanzania in 2007 bringing together caring individuals to fulfil its vision to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. Together, we help kids be kids by providing healthy food, safe water, education, and job training so that kids and their families in all areas where we work become independent.
Our work in addressing this vision, is to work very closely with Ministries responsible for Local Government, Education, Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children through the Child-Focused Community Development (CFCD) model.
The CFCD model is a comprehensive, integrated program designed to empower children and their communities to achieve self-sufficiency around four program pillars approach namely: -

  1. Food & Nutrition
  2. Health & Water
  3. Education
  4. Livelihoods
    The organization is based in, Dar es Salaam Tanzania and wishes to appoint an External Auditor to audit its accounts for the financial year ended 30th June 2021.
    2.0 Scope of the Audit
    The auditors will be required to conduct audit review as follows:

I. The auditors shall express an independent professional opinion according to International Standards of Auditing (ISA) on whether the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of FEED Tanzania in accordance with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

II. The audit shall be carried out in accordance with the National Standards of Auditing as issued by National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA)

III. The audit shall be carried out by an external, independent and qualified auditor (Certified Public Accountant).

IV. The auditors shall examine, assess and report on compliance with relevant policies/process/procedures and applicable laws and regulations regarding accounting.

V. All necessary supporting documents, records and accounts have been kept in respect of all Centre ventures. Clear linkages should exist between the books of accounts and financial statements.

3.0 Deliverables
3.1 Audit Opinion and Report
The auditors shall provide audit opinion on financial statement and detailed report as follows:

I. The audit report shall contain details regarding used audit methodology and scope of the audit.

II. The aim and scope of statutory audit, the criteria applied, where relevant and any restriction imposed on the scope of the audit.

III. The financial statement with disclosures and the accounting principles applied.
A report stating clearly the auditors’ opinion of the financial statement.
3.2 Management Letter
I. In additional to the audit report, auditors will prepare a Management Letter which will:
Give comments and observations on the accounting records, system and controls that were examined during the course of the audit.

II. Identify specific deficiencies and areas of weakness in systems and controls and make recommendations for their improvement.

III. Communicate matters that have come to the auditor’s attention during the audit which might have a significant impact on the implementation of the Centre activities.

IV. Bring to attention any matter considered pertinent during the course of the audit.

V. Examine, assess and report on compliance with the terms and conditions of the agreement between funding partners and FEED Tanzania also report compliance with applicable national laws and regulations.

VI. Examine and report on appropriateness of the supporting documents, records and books of accounts relating to Centre activities.

4.0 Selection Criteria
If you are a registered firm of Auditors and you wish to be considered to conduct this assignment please apply giving the following information.
I. Eligibility - authorization by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors to conduct audits.

II. Profile of the firm including personnel and their qualifications

III. Details of the similar work undertaken

IV. Proposed fee for the engagement including a schedule for additional services that may be necessary beyond the scope of the audit engagement. The proposal should indicate anticipated fees for the second and third years should they be appointed.

V. Detailed audit plan/methodology including your approach to risk and fraud detection.

VI. Estimated time required to complete the audit by classification of your employees.

VII. Availability to start the auditing process from August 2021.

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Proposal Submission

While submitting the Proposal, interested parties are required to submit, one complete Technical and one Financial proposal documents clearly marked “ORIGINAL” and the second Technical and Financial documents marked “COPY” properly filled and enclosed in plain envelopes marked EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO SERVE AS EXTERNAL AUDITOR FOR FEED THE CHILDREN TANZANIA

The sealed bids shall be submitted PHYSICALLY at the Feed the Children Tanzania Office located at Kawe Mlalakuwa, Plot 448 Avocado Rd P.O. Box 105408 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In case of Postal submission, the date of receipt at FEED Reception shall be considered as submission date, and the Closing date for Bid Submission is 15 February 2021 at 15:00 Hrs.

5.3 No electronic submission will be accepted.

For more information about FEED Tanzania please visit our website Only shortlisted Audit Firms will be contacted. Please note that this advert contains full Terms of Reference, hence no further tender documents are available.

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