Executive Director

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Mbeya Mjini Mbeya

The director will be responsible for implementing HIMSO Strategic Plan in fulfillment of its vision and will be accountable to the Board. He or she will provide leadership and direction to the organization as well as have oversight responsibility over all the other management staff (accountant, operations officer, M&E officer, Finance and Admin officer, marketing and development Officer and project supervisor). He or She will be in charge, with the Board, of relations with financial and technical partners, including proposal writing and fund raising. He or she will also be Secretary to the Board. Specifically, the director will be responsible for the following.

A. Leadership and Guidance:
Interpret and execute the vision of HIMSO reconciling the big picture to and day-to-day functional details of the organization.
Set direction that guides planning and budgeting of HIMSO, translate policies and strategic plan into specific operational plans.
Set the shape of team taking into consideration skills needed in the organization structure in order to fulfill the vision and mission of HIMSO.
Empower and motivate people (staff) with proactive approach to managing and solving problems.
Be a mirror of the culture and values of HIMSO.

B. Management and Administration:
Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of HIMSO.
Maintain a sound financial management system as approved by Board.
Ensure effective budgetary control systems and timely preparation of financial reports to the Board and partners.
Ensure that internal and external audits are carried out and issues raised are addressed in a timely manner.
Refine job description of HIMSO staff, set up a performance management system and monitor staff performance on regular basis to enhance delivery.
Create and maintain team work among staff. vii. Undertake transparent, effective and efficient management of staff including continuous improvement of HR management policies and systems.

C. Planning, Implementation and Monitoring
Establish sound management information system to assist in planning and monitoring.
Ensure timely production of quality plans which are using evidence based planning systems.
Execute the strategies, policies and plans of HIMSO. Oversee the implementation and accomplishment of the annual work plan.
Monitor performance of each department / staff.
Coordinate and supervise the development, monitoring and evaluation of HIMSO programmatic, financial and institutional plans.
Ensure timely production of quality periodic reports that reflect the true status of implementation.

D. Liaison
Establish sound working relationship and cooperative arrangement with councils, regional authorities, MOH & SW, NHIF, Development partners, private business partners and other stakeholders.
Promote and communicate the ideals, innovations, goals and achievement of HIMSO.
Establish and maintain new partnerships especially with private businesses.

Minimum requirements:
At least 3 years professional experience in insurance / micro-insurance, health financing, microfinance management or related areas.
At least a Master’s degree in Community/rural Development, Public Health, Business administration, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Statistics or related relevant fields from reputable university.
Management skills of at least three years at senior management level with clear evidence of good management track record including developing and sustaining linkages, working with stakeholders and liaising with councils, government and development partners.
Proven track record of developing quality strategies, proposals and budgets.
Experience in multi-donor funded project management.
Experience in Public Private Partnership management.
Good ICT competence including professional usage of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Experience in NGO management will be an advantage.
Excellent English and Swahili communication skills, both verbal and written is strongly desired.
Excellent report writing skills.

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