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Section A: Terms of Reference

1.0 Background

Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) is an apex private sector member-based organization mandated to develop and promote horticultural crops (flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and horticultural seeds) in Tanzania. TAHA’s goal is to improve the growth and competitiveness of horticultural industry in the country for social and economic gains. This goal is achieved through implementation of a number of interventions around improving business enabling climate, enhancing productivity of horticultural crops, facilitating access to markets (market linkages, standards compliance etc.) and providing logistics services.

One of the main challenges facing the horticultural industry is lack of reliable data and information to guide decision making within the government, Development Partners and private sector circles. In this regard, TAHA is planning to establish a Horticulture Information Centre that will act as a central information unit and resource centre for all stakeholders in the horticultural industry. The Centre, which will be housed in TAHA’s headquarters in Arusha, and have an extension in Zanzibar, will have three (3) main Units namely Research, Information and Communications. Through this Centre, horticultural industry data will be collected, processed, stored and disseminated to stakeholders through the databases. TAHA has already established some digital platforms that will be part and parcel of the Centre. These include the Market Information System, and social media accounts such as website, twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as YouTube. In addition, TAHA has prepared a prototype for TAHA Information Database that will put together data and information on horticultural industry, for consumption by stakeholders.

It is along with this backdrop that TAHA seeks consultancy services to develop the Information Database that will be comprised of all horticultural industry Information.

2.0 Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the consultancy is to develop TAHA Information database for the horticultural industry for access in form of mobile application (Android and IOS Platforms), Dynamic Web based Interface for dissemination of Information and Management Dashboard to maintain and manage the Information.

3.0 Overview of the Proposed System

The proposed software will provide an online platform to connect horticultural stakeholders to access industry data and information through mobile application and web-based formats.

The system is proposed to have the following major components/features:

1. Mobile Application

2. Disseminating Web Platform

3. Management Dashboard

1. Mobile Applications and Disseminating Web Platform Components

I. User Account Creation

· Ability to enter Email Address’

· Ability to enter and confirm password

· Ability to enter region and country

· Ability to enter first and last name

· Ability to enter gender

· Ability to select preferred language between S wahili and English

II. Production Information

· Can access horticultural crop technical manuals

· Training videos for production of selected crops

· Instant Messaging

· Production Data

· Yield data

III. Nutrition Information

· Can access Food Colour Information

· Can access Meal Plans

· Can use BMI Calculators with computed status report feedback

· Can access various Nutritional Tips

· Can watch various Nutritional Training Video Clips

· Can watch various Nutritional Training Video Clips

· Can send Instant Messaging

IV. Business Development Services (BDS) Tips

· Can access Financial Literacy Information

· Can access Entrepreneurship Tips

· Can access Cost benefit analyses

· Can access Agri-Finance Information

· Can access Agri Business Tips

· Can watch BDS Training Videos

· Can send Instant Messaging

V. Food standard & safety

· Can access Food Safety Information

· Can access tips Safe Farming

· Can access Information on best practiceson Transport & Storage

· Can access information on best practices Packaging

· Can access Information on Post-Harvest Management Tips

· Can access information on Pesticide Management Tips

· Can access information on Standard Certification and direct link to farm assurer

· Instant Messaging

VI. Agri-Business

· Can assess Financial Literacy Information

· Can Access Entrepreneurship Information

· Can Access Agri-Finance Entrepreneurship Information

· Can access Agri-business Tips

· Can send Instant Messaging

VII. Trade & Investment

· Can Access Market Trends information for various crops in tab view

· Can Access Prices of horticultural prices for various regions as posted in the MIS

· Can access Buyers information of various crops

· Can access profiled Farmers Group as per their crops

· Can access horticultural international trade (export and import data, information tips)

· Can access Price data

· Can send Instant Messaging

VIII. Input and Technologies

IX. Industry stakeholders

· Can access profiles of industry players (**Producers,** Manufacturers, Distributors, Processors, Domestic Traders, exporters)

· Can Access integrated database for chemical suppliers as per their location

· Can Access integrated database for Irrigation technologies****suppliers

· Can access integrated database for seeds suppliers as per their regions

· Can access integrated database for logistics handlers

· Can send Instant Messaging

· Can have the ability to call and emailing directly to any desired industry actor

X. Business Enabling Environment

· Ability to access policy briefs addressed

· Ability to access taxation regime information

· Ability to access information on access to inputs

XI. Research and Information

· Can access research reports

XII. Settings

· Ability to make various settings

· Ability to access information on various Industry events

· Ability to access various Industry News

· Ability to switch Notification

· Ability to log out

· Ability to filter Various Data i.e. Production, Export, Yields , etc.

2. Management Dashboard

· Can view reports on the user as per their location and content accessibility

· Can configure the system

· Can approve user registrations

· Can mass mail users

· Can manage users, roles, and access

· Can import/export bulk data via Excel/CSV

· Can manage contents of the site by adding/editing modules and tabs

· Can manage contents like notices, news, photo gallery, videos , etc.

Technical features of the software:

· The software will be web-based, responsive and browser & device-independent

· The platform will be used for the application. Therefore, the software must be developed using the native PHP framework (CodeIgniter framework) and MySQL or Postgre SQL also java and Json for mobile application.

· The mobile application development landscape must be Native IOS and Native Android.

· The system will be able to send email & mobile SMS notification and this should be configurable

· Users, Roles, and Access management will be integrated part of the software in dashboard

· The system will be able to show instructions on maps using Google map or other online mapping services for user interacting with the system

· The system should have a content management system (CMS) from where news, articles, categories, photo, career guidance materials, etc. can be added and updated

· The software source code, must have sufficient comment and be delivered without encryption

· Developer must provide user manual/tutorial with screenshots

· The developer must provide detailed development documentation (workflow diagram, data flow diagrams, etc.)

3. Scope of Work

The the consulting firm will work closely with the TAHA’s IT Team and other users to elicit requirements and manage the software development life cycle including capacity building and knowledge transfer. In particular the scope of the work will be as follows:

a) Implementing the Approved Prototype **:**

In discussion and agreement with TAHA, the consultant will implement the approved system prototype as software requirement specifications (SRS) and get signed off by TAHA. A tentative requirement and expected features of the software are listed in Section 3.0 in mobile application i.e.: Android and IOS

b) Develop and test the web-based application

Based on the requirements gathered, develop an application framework that includes user management, access control, security, and workflow for publishing information. This application framework should be able to add modules in the future and be able to share data with other applications. Test the application framework with the real users from TAHA and gather feedback on the system.

c) Finalize the web-based application

Based on the feedback received from the testing by the real users, finalize the web-based application and prepare technical documentation and user manuals for orienting the users.

d) Orient TAHA staff

Orient the system administrators and end-users of TAHA (approx. 10 persons) on administering and using the system. Finalize the users’ manual based on feedback received from the end-users. Make the user manual as help file to an online application so that the user can refer to the manual as and when needed.

e) Hand over the software **:**

Host the online software at TAHA designated web server and hand over the documented source code, user manuals and training materials to TAHA with a plan of regular maintenance.

f) Provide troubleshooting support **:**

Provide troubleshooting support for at least 6 months after handing over the software. The support should be in person, virtual attendance over the telephone and via email, as and when necessary.

At the end of the assignment, the TAHA will have a fully functional mobile applications (Android and IOS) and a web-based application and TAHA staff will be able to maintain the software.

4. Expected Deliverables

The consultant will deliver the following as part of this assignment:

1. Inception Report with updated project plan;

  1. Software developed and delivered as per technical requirements stated in the scope of work and agree through SRS;

4. Conducted software maintenance training for TAHA IT Staff (one working day)

5. The delivered final version of the Software along with documented source code;

6. Delivered user’s manual and training materials.

5. Vendor Responsibilities

For this consultancy, the vendor will be responsible for the following:

· Managing the software development team

· Attending the meeting, workshops, discussions with TAHA when needed;

· Submitting the specified deliverables to TAHA for comments and approval

· Delivering Software using as per the scope of work and signed-off SRS

· Organizing and conducting training of master trainers and users

· Supporting TAHA in troubleshooting during the piloting and after handing over the software.

6. TAHA’s Responsibilities

Being the sponsor of the project, TAHA will be responsible for the following:

· Liaison with the consultant and involving them in the process

· Assisting in setting meetings and workshops with the Consultant

· Provide technical feedback on the process, documentation and deliverables

· Timely Review the Software and providing feedback to finalize

· Releasing the payments upon satisfactory delivery by the vendor

· Producing contents and videos to be uploaded in the system for piloting

7. Timeframe

The the contractor will submit a detailed time frame with key milestones for completing the assignment. This assignment is expected to take three months after the signing of the contract.

8. Reporting Arrangements

The consultant will work under the overall guidance of the Chief Development Manager and direct supervision of the Database and IT Specialist. The Consultant will provide weekly updates on the progress during the assignment.

9. Qualifications

The successful Consultant is required to meet the following criteria:

I. At least 5 years of experience in full-stack development, and advising on IT systems for business operations. Thorough knowledge of process automation, project management, and ICT.

II. Training or demonstrated System Development and database design.

III. Experience in designing / reviewing solution architecture as well as managing/implementing IT projects for development institutions including generic software/custom solutions, hosting of systems and servers, providing network services etc.

IV. Experience of monitoring & managing the ICT systems and infrastructure for an IT project including database management, network, firewall etc.

V. Experience in collecting, structuring and modeling business and systems requirements.

VII. Excellent knowledge of Information Systems, ICT Best Practices, and current application development methodologies;

VIII. At least an undergraduate degree in computer science or related field. Postgraduate professional qualification in computer science or related field will be an added advantage. In the case of a firm, at least one team member should have this qualification.

Database management System, Severs, Data Centre Management, ICT Security Audit, Quality Management, or IT Service Management.

Section B: Submission Procedures.

2.2 Documents to be submitted

The following documents shall be submitted;

  • Technical proposal including detailed breakdown and methodology on how you will approach the work, a proposed work plan, team structure of the team to execute the project, CVs for each team member and experience in System development and Native Mobile Application Development Android and IOS.
  • Financial proposal basing on the above TORs with costs breakdown and not a lump sum amount.
  • The following mandatory commercial documents ;
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Business License
    • TIN Certificate
    • VAT Registration Certificate if registered
    • Current Physical Location that is the valid right of occupancy of office premises

2.3 Submission procedure

Bidders should submit a protected soft copy of their documents by 5:00 PM (EAT) on 26/08/2020 referring the above RFP number, with the subject line “ DEVELOPMENT OF TAHA INFORMATION DATABASE SYSTEM ” via email address [email removed] addressing;

Chief Executive Officer,

Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA),

Kanisa Road, House No. 49,

P.O Box 16520,



Proposals received after this time will not be accepted for consideration. By submitting a proposal, each bidder represents that:

  • The proposal is based upon an understanding of the specifications and requirements described in this RFP.
  • The costs for developing and delivering responses to this RFP and any subsequent presentations of the proposal as requested by TAHA are entirely the responsibility of the bidder. TAHA is not liable for any expense incurred by the bidder in the preparation and presentation of their proposal.
  • All materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of TAHA and are to be appended to any formal documentation, which would further define or expand any contractual relationship between TAHA and the bidder resulting from this RFP process.
  • The information regarding TAHA included in the RFP is confidential and the bidder may not divulge or disclose to any the third party in any form or manner whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, any Confidential Information without the prior written consent of the TAHA
  • The individual signing the proposal is authorized to legally bind the business.

2.4 Late Submissions

Regardless of cause, late submissions will not be accepted and will automatically be disqualified from further consideration. It shall be the bidder’s sole risk to assure submission by the designated time.

2.5 Withdrawing Proposals

Proposals may not be withdrawn for a period of 30 days after the proposal due date. Proposals may be withdrawn prior to the proposal due date, provided that such requests are in writing.

2.6 Rights Reserved

While TAHA has every intention to award a contract as a result of this RFP, issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by TAHA to award a contract. Upon a determination, such actions would be in its best interests, TAHA in its sole discretion reserves the right to:

  • cancel or terminate this RFP;
  • reject any or all proposals received in response to this RFP;
  • waive any undesirable, inconsequential, or inconsistent provisions of this document, which would not have significant impact on any proposals;

2.7 Bidder Questions

This RFP contains the instructions governing the proposals to be submitted and a description of the mandatory requirements upon request. To be eligible for consideration, a bidder must meet the intent of all mandatory requirements. Compliance with all requirements will be determined by TAHA’s procurement committee. Responses that do not meet the full intent of all requirements listed in this RFP may be subject to point reductions during the evaluation process or may be deemed non-responsive.

Bidders shall promptly notify TAHA of any ambiguity, inconsistency, or error, which they may discover upon examination of this RFP. Bidders requiring clarification or interpretation of any section or sections contained in this RFP shall send an email request to TAHA by the deadline of 5:00 PM (ET) on 19/08/2020 All email correspondence must be addressed to Procurement [email removed], each bidder submitting a clarification request must clearly address each question by reference to a specific section, page, and item of this RFP. the written answer will be provided to all questions received by 5:00 PM (EAT) on 21/08/2020 Written questions received after the deadline may not be considered. Every effort will be made to provide written answers no later than 5:00 PM (EAT) 21/08/2020.

Any interpretation, correction, or change to this RFP will be made by written addendum by the Chief Executive Officer. Interpretations, corrections, or changes to this RFP made in any other manner will not be binding and bidders should not rely upon such interpretations, corrections, or changes

2.8 RFP Response Format

In order to facilitate the analysis of responses to this RFP, bidders are required to prepare their proposals in accordance with the instructions outlined in this section. Bidders whose proposals deviate from these instructions may be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified at the discretion of TAHA.

Proposals should be prepared as simply as possible and provide a straightforward, concise description of the bidder’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should be on accuracy, completeness, and clarity of content. All parts, pages, figures, and tables should be numbered and clearly labeled.

The technical proposal should include but not limited to:

  • Cover Page
  • Letter of transmittal signed by a legally authorized representative
  • Executive summary
  • Proposed computing environment
  • Implementation approach
  • Project management methodology
  • System test methodology
  • Quality assurance methodology
  • Proposed work plan
  • Post-implementation support approach
  • Relevant experience in similar engagements including a minimum of 3 references within the last 5 years including:
    • Client name and address;
    • Contact name
    • Contact phone number;
    • Engagement start and end dates;
    • Description and outcome
  • Proposed team structure and team CVs including the following key roles
    • Project Manager
    • Functional Lead
    • Technical Lead (responsible for deployment of environments and installation)

The financial proposal should include but not limited to:

  • Cover page
  • Letter of transmittal signed by a legally authorized representative
  • Cost summary (detailed total cost of the proposed database system)
  • Detailed costs for the following (include Level of effort (LOE) and rates for resources where applicable):
    • System Implementation
    • Training
    • Annual Support/Maintenance/Upgrades
  • Hourly rates for:
    • Takes Not Outlined in RFP
    • Additional Training
    • Custom Modifications

2.9 Evaluation Procedure

All responsive proposals will be evaluated based on stated evaluation criteria. TAHA evaluation committee will separate proposals into “responsive” and “non-responsive” proposals. To be considered responsive, the bidder must meet the requirements outlined in Section 2.2 and Section 2.3 in the instructions to bidder. Non-responsive proposals will be eliminated from further consideration. The procurement committee will then evaluate the remaining proposals and rank them to establish the highest score. Bidders may then be asked to provide onsite demonstrations. Discussions and negotiations may take place with the short list of bidders to obtain a best and final offer. The award will be based upon the proposal that is determined to be in the most competitive.

Evaluation Criteria

Technical Evaluation

The intention of TAHA is to procure a functionally complete, cost effective, and fully integrated information database system. The technical proposal will be given a technical score. The proposal shall be rejected at this stage if it does not achieve the minimum technical score stipulated. Responses to this RFP will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

ü Technical Proposal = 60%

ü Financial Proposal = 40%

Points may be subtracted for non-compliance with specified format requests. TAHA may also choose to not evaluate, may deem non-responsive, and/or may disqualify from further consideration any proposals that do not follow this RFP format, are difficult to understand, are difficult to read, or are missing any requested information.

Award of Contract

Once the proposals are opened, a committee selected by TAHA will evaluate each proposal, taking into consideration the criteria and methodology stipulated in this RFP. TAHA will be the sole judge in evaluation considerations and may make an award to the bidders(s) who submits the proposal judged by TAHA to be in its best interest. A recommendation as to which system best meets the interests of TAHA (as determined by the evaluation committee) will be presented to TAHA management. The award will only be to responsible bidders(s) qualified by experience to perform the services specified herein. All proposals submitted shall be valid for a period of sixty (30) calendar days from the date of the proposal opening.


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