Land Engagement Coordinator


Job Description

Qualification required: Degree in Social Science, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Environmental Science/Management, Environmental Engineering or related discipline.

Minimum experience: 15-20 years of professional experience in working with the extractive industry within rural communities.
Professional experience in Land Acquisition, Resettlement Implementation and Livelihoods Restoration is required. East Africa experience required

Accountabilities: Ensuring Resettlement Planning activities are completed to meet budget and schedule.


The Land Engagement Coordinator will conduct the following activities in coordination with the Livelihoods Restoration Lead to:
  • • Plan and lead the engagement for all RAP implementation activities including Entitlements Briefing, PAPs training in Financial Literacy, and Livelihoods Restoration programmes in compliance with the Project Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
  • • Develop and implement the deployment plan for the Land CLOs, oversee their work planning
  • • Review all field daily and weekly reports from CLOs and Contractors working with the RAP Implementation Team.
  • • Review all the Minutes of Meetings with various stakeholders and track inputs, requirements, issues for following up in the Meetings Tracker.
  • • Engage with stakeholders, affected PAPs and communities and oversee the disclosure of the LRP and VPP.
  • • Review and or develop appropriate messaging and FAQs on RAP Implementation for the Land team including contractors
  • • Develop the LRP monitoring and evaluation plan and participate in the procurement of external agencies (NGOs or other suitable implementation partners) to implement Livelihoods Restoration monitoring process
  • • Interface with the Legal Advisor to ensure that all mandatory legal processes linked to this scope; are successfully completed.

Work with the Livelihoods Restoration Coordinators, Grievances Management Administrator and Land CLOs to coordinate all livelihoods restoration activities including grievances management and engagement.
Work with the Replacement Housing team to ensure that the Replacement Housing Construction process is aligned with the temporary accommodation and transitional livelihoods process.
Work with the Compensation Payments team and support contractor to:

  • • Ensure local government and PACs are fully informed of the RAP Implementation process and especially the compensation payment process
  • • Identify replacement land for PAPs and ensure that PAPs are allocated land that is suitable for the livelihoods restoration package they select.
  • • Verify all the Physically Displaced PAPs in the Priority areas eligible for temporary accommodation, and determine the start date and duration of temporary accommodation to ensure that there is no delay to land access.
  • • Develop methodology for matching the temporary accommodation needs of the eligible households to the identified accommodation,
  • • Support the RAP Contactors engagement with Landlords to secure the selected temporary accommodation facilities, discuss any improvements that maybe required to bring the identified structures to the required standard, and agree a time frame within which they will be completed before organization can commit to taking on the accommodation facilities
  • • Ensure that all the necessary transitional assistance and support is provided to the displaced PAPs taking temporary accommodation for the duration of the stay in the accommodation and thereafter as required.
  • • Identify household members who are enrolled in schools, confirm the locations of the schools they are enrolled in and ensure that they will have easy access to the schools during the period they are in temporary accommodation.
  • • Follow up on any grievance or concern arising from PAPs or Landlords during the rental duration, report to organization team and address any issue arising in conjunction with organization team.
  • • Ensure reporting of all stakeholder engagement taking place


  • • Excellent communication skills with a proven ability to develop and maintain good relations with stakeholders including government authorities, local communities, industry, CSOs/NGOs and international organizations, negotiation, conflict management skills.
  • • Proven ability to work independently and meet deadlines.
  • • Proven ability to manage Contractors preferred.
  • • Excellent computer, report writing and analytical skills required.
  • • Fluency in English (written and spoken) required, additional languages a plus
Contact E-mail:  [email protected]
Application Deadline:  06 Jan 2021

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